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Castings are integral to many utility projects, and TEC Utilities Supply maintains a wide of casting products in stock and ready to goManhole Cover.

  • Manhole covers and rings
  • Ring Extensions / Riser Rings
  • Curb Inlets
  • Catch Basins

Customized casting products can be used to help your project meet NPDES Phase II Storm Water Regulations compliance with specialized markings "No Dumping - Drains to River", etc.   TEC Utilities keeps many of the North & South Carolina spec'd casting designs in stock for immediate delivery.

Buy American!

Domestic Castings and Foundry products is a requirement of federal transportation infrastructure products.  TEC Utilities Supply carries quality American castings from foundries such as U.S. Foundry, East Jordan Iron Works, Tyler-Union, Neenah Foundry Co., and more.